Energy Savings Through Attic and Crawlspace Insulation

Old or damaged insulation can be a major reason for large heating and cooling bills. Insulation problems are not just in attics, either. A good crawl space cleaning, which you should have done every couple of years, will help to clear out the areas underneath your home, where insulation may be damaged and in need of repair, as well. Attic cleaning service everett is an easy way to evaluate your insulation for problems  Learn more about: Bluehost wordpress 

Snow melts.

Snow on your home’s roof should not melt long before the snow on the ground. If it does, your attic insulation is bad; meaning that your home’s heating system is actually causing the melting snow. Icicles on the eaves are another bad sign.

The floor is cold.

All non-carpeted floors will get cool in the winter, but if your floors don’t seem to heat up throughout the day, chances are that you have a problem with the insulation in your crawl space. Having a crawl space cleaning will clear any debris and can let you know how much new insulation you need.

Sockets have air coming in.

In older homes, insulation was not put in around light switches or electrical outlets. If you remove the cover and can feel a temperature difference in the air around it, you need to hire a professional to come in to insulate the sockets. You are losing air conditioning and heating from those areas. Learn more about :Refinance auto loan with bad credit

The attic’s not hot.

The attic should hold in heat. If you go into the attic and it is not hotter than the rest of your home, there is a problem with your insulation.

Be sure to have an attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning periodically to see if you may have a problem that could be draining your finances. Spending a little now on professional attic cleaning and crawl space cleanup everett will save you tons of money down the road.

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